Wood routers

For precise work and ornamentation in wood

Clean and precise woodworking with routers and flat dowel cutters

From the versatile router to the flat dowel cutter, Einhell offers a range of wood routers and milling machines to suit your projects. The flexible router is perfect for template and freehand routing, grooving and profiling. You can create clean connections, for example in DIY furniture construction, with the flat dowel cutter. Depending on the work and wood projects for which the routers are needed – Einhell offers you affordable and powerful devices for your home workshop! So, what are you waiting for? Small and handy, the wood milling machines find a place in every home workshop and can be used in a variety of ways! For ambitious DIYers, routers and flat dowel cutters are just the right tools to try their hand at machining wooden workpieces.